Sell your insurance policy, get the cash, keep the benefits

See how much you can get for your Whole Life Insurance Policy

“Aspen Life Settlements was a solid choice when we needed cash to build a home.  It was a great decision to have Aspen purchase our Whole Life policy and even better yet we retain the death benefit as if we still owned the policy.  This, to me, is a win/win for us and for Aspen since they are serving their clients who need safe and steady income investments for their portfolios.  Thanks again for your help in making this happen.”  – Mike Rich



We pay cash within 1-2 weeks for specific types of policies.


We will continue making your payments to keep your policy active and to grow our investment.


When you die, your heirs get everything, including the death benefits and the cash value.

DO you have a whole life insurance policy that you no longer need or want?

Do you want to stop making payments, get the cash you need and keep the death benefits* (minus last available cash values)?

If so, then … we’d like to help!

At Aspen Life Settlements, we do things differently than other life settlement companies. We’re interested in most whole life insurance policies, regardless of age or medical condition.

Typically, other life settlement companies are only interested in buying policies from seniors or those who have a terminal illness because the harsh reality is … they only make a profit when a person diesyikes! In other words … THEY receive the death benefit.

AT Aspen, we’ve found another way … we look to grow our money inside the cash values of your policy.

By selling your policy to us, you can …

Stop Making

Get Your Money In As Little As 1-2 Weeks

Keep The Coverage You Need

When you die, your heirs get everything between the death benefit* and the cash value, so rest assured we have ZERO interest in you passing away prematurely. In fact, we hope you live as long as possible!
*(minus any last available cash values)

It’s that simple!

HOw Much Can I Get?

See How Much You Can Get For Your Whole Life Insurance Policy

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Meet Michael

Michael L. is a 53 year old life insurance agent who was paying over $15,000 a year in premiums on his policy. He couldn’t afford the premiums, so he borrowed heavily against the policy to the point where it only had $2,100 left of cash value, and was about to lapse.

We paid him $2,100 for his policy—without needing to involve another agent or any referral fees. With $2,100 in his pocket, Michael no longer has to worry about paying his premiums. And the best part? He and his family get to keep the policy’s death benefit of over $750,000.

Are you a Financial Advisor?

Your client’s life insurance policy is an asset that needs management. You can help them convert their policy into cash with a life settlement.

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