10 Steps To Help You Turn A Life Insurance Cancellation Into Profit

See How Much You Can Get For Your Whole Life Insurance Policy

Our Whitepaper PDF contains Ten Easy Steps you could take when having a conversation with a client wanting to cancel their policy.
When a client wants to cancel their policy, it’s easy to hear the proverbial alarm bells ringing and start asking the wrong questions.
Cancellations are a part of the job — and nobody’s favorite part, either.

Even when you explain that a cancellation won’t be in the client’s best interest, we have to recognize that the client is always going to make the decision that seems the best to them – whether it is, or not!

“Was it something I did?”

“Was the policy not a good fit to begin with?”

“Do they even know what they’re doing?”

The trick, then, is to introduce them to the best decision, and help them to recognize it as such.

While the exact choice might vary client-to-client, Aspen Life Settlements has an extremely compelling option (regardless of age or medical condition!) for those clients bent on cancelling their policies.

The good news for the client is that they can be paid the cash value of their whole life policy, they will no longer have to pay their premiums, and they will get to keep their death benefit.

The good news for you is that Aspen Life can pay you a referral fee for the sale, turning what would have been a cancellation into a profit – all while preserving your future renewal commissions for as long as the policy remains in force!

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Vincenzo Covino CEO, SeaQuest USA
“When COVID 19 hit I had to close down 10 locations, which dropped our revenue by 6 figures per day. Fortunately, Aspen Life had the foresight to get me involved in a liquid strategy which provided the funding I needed when COVID did hit. This allowed me to maintain the health and happiness of 25,000 animals across the country.”
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