Aspen Life is a life insurance settlement company providing alternative solutions for individuals looking to surrender their Whole Life policies.


Aspen Life is a life insurance settlement company that specializes in purchasing Whole Life insurance policies.


We provide a profitable solution for policy owners looking to get rid of their Whole Life insurance policy by allowing policy owners to cash out, while their beneficiaries keep their death benefits.

HOW we’re different than other settlement companies:

No age restrictions

No health restrictions

You get the cash and keep your benefits

You get the cash in 1-2 weeks

We give you cash for your policy and continue to pay the premiums so your loved ones can keep the benefits

WHY you may be looking to sell your Whole LIfe Policy:

No longer see it as a wise investment

Would like to purchase a different kind of life insurance

Can’t afford to keep paying the premiums

Need immediate cash for medical issues, college tuition, down payment, etc.

MEEt the Founder

Kirk Stafford is the president and founder of Aspen Life Settlements. He’s had a passion for economics, investments, business and personal finances for over 25 years.

His early grasp of business and finances allowed him to start The Stafford Corporation — a successful business that, combined with successful real estate and securities investments, allowed him to retire at age 32.

After feeling that he was not mentally ready to retire, and seeing another opportunity to contribute, Kirk decided to combine his talents and knowledge in the areas of finance and investing to continue to help serve the needs of others like you.

Are You A Financial Advisor?

Your client’s life insurance policy is an asset that needs management. You can help them convert their policy into cash with a life settlement.

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