Michael L.
Michael L. is a 53 year old and is a life insurance agent who had bought a policy with premiums of over $15,000 a year. He couldn’t afford the premiums, so he borrowed heavily against the policy to the point where the policy only had $2,100 left of cash value and was about to lapse. We paid him the $2,100 and there was no other agent involved or anything like that so there was no other referral fees or anything else we paid him the $2,100 and let him keep the death benefit of over $750,000.
Penny M.
Penny M. is in her 60’s and had a Mass Mutual policy that she wanted to surrender so she could buy a farm. We paid her the cash values and now she still has insurance coverage of $350,000 and she never has to pay any more premiums.
Michael R.
Michael R. is a 41 year old accountant that heard one of our ads from the radio. He had owned his Penn Mutual policy for 5 years and wanted to buy term insurance instead use his cash values to buy real estate. We paid him his full cash values and he now has nearly $1.5MM in coverage for his family that he doesn’t have to pay for.
Angela and James W

Angela and James W. had two Mass Mutual policies that they had owned for 9 years. They needed to remodel their house and didn’t see the value of growing their money inside an insurance policy. They have over $ worth of coverage that they will never have to pay premiums to keep.

Adam and Jennifer S.

Adam and Jennifer S. had gotten two Mass Mutual policies to be able to save their money each year and protect their family. Due to difficulties in their business and a subsequent divorce, they had borrowed all they could from the policies, couldn’t afford the premiums and were about to lose their policies when they lapsed. We gave them the remaining value of their policies and let them keep over $1.3MM in coverage for their young family.

Daryn and Cindy B.
Daryn and Cindy B. are in their early 50’s. They each had $1MM, 10-year term policies that were just about to expire. We paid them $10 each, but converted the policies to permanent policies, allowing Daryn and Cindy to keep the $1MM of coverage that they will never have to pay for.

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